Spray tan tutorial

Welcome to the exciting world of sunless tanning!

Your guide to a streak free natural looking tan….
In minutes!


Using your HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Tanning Machine

Our Spray Tan Tutorial will give you guidelines to the basic art of spray tanning:

  • Connect hose to spray turbine and spray gun.
  • Adjust your nozzle to the vertical setting, as this is ideal for spraying up and down.
  • Always have half a cup of solution to ensure even flow of solution.
  • Ensure trigger guard is set accordingly.  Anti-clockwise will loosen the dial and give a finer spray setting, which is recommended.
  • On/Off

Procedure for the perfect tan

The Tan Lab Barrier Cream should be applied to dry areas of the body such as feet, hands, cuticles etc.

Upper Body

  • Client will begin with their back to the Therapist, palms on stomach and elbows out (palms should not be exposed).
  • Begin spraying from shoulders down to lower back (approx. 4 sprays).
  • Spray backs of arms.
  • Client will turn to face the Therapist – arms away from the side of the body. Spray from shoulder down to hips (approx. 4 strokes) as well as once down each side of the upper body.
  • Arms out to the sides of the body and slowly twisting after each stroke to ensure entire arm has been sprayed. Arms may be folded over the front of the body should that area have been missed. NEVER SPRAY OVER THE PALMS OF THE HANDS.
  • Client to turn head to the side and spray over shoulder and side of face (turn and do the same on the
  • other side).
  • Spray approx. two sprays over the face.
  • Client to hold hands out and spread fingers – apply two sprays over the tops of the hands.

Lower Body

  • The Client can begin facing the Therapist. Begin spraying vertically down one leg and ensure spray stops at ankle.
  • Leg to be turned out in order to spray down inner thigh and let. Repeat procedure with the other leg. Client will turn approx. 4 times while this technique is carried out. Ensure that there are no areas that have not been sprayed as this will result in an uneven looking tan.
  • Client will turn one foot outwards – spray across foot. The same foot will be turned inwards and another spray from that angle. Repeat this procedure for the other foot.
  • Ask the Client to continue turning slowly to ensure that you have covered all areas and touch up if need be.
  • Use a sponge to dab any excess solution that may look too wet on the skin.
  • Remove the Spray Gun and allow the Client to dry their body with the warm air from the hose.

Spray Tan Technique

This is a starting point, but you will soon develop your own style! With a few practice sessions, you will be able to make adjustments to suite our solution and speed at which you spray.

We advise that the setting on your machine be as fine as possible, no matter what HVLP machine you may be using.

Test The Tan Lab Professional Solution along with correct settings and maintain your distance (approx. 30cm) to ensure minimal overspray and correct amount of solution on the skin.

A pop up tanning tent may be used to keep the spray tan area as clean as possible. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. It is advisable for the Therapist to wear a disposable mask.

Clients should always stand on a towel or sticky feet. This will ensure that she does not step on the overspray and stain her feet!

Disposable underwear and cap should be provided, as the solution may stain lighter coloured nylon clothing.  Solution will wash out of the hair, but may discolour lighter or highlighted hair.

Spray all areas of the body vertically – from top to bottom.

Always remember to start spraying above the area of contact – this will ensure an even starting point without any product build up.

Use consistent strokes. Too fast = not enough solution on the skin, and too slow = excess solution. Both of which will result in an uneven looking tan.

Stop where you need to – i.e. wrists and ankles – do not overspray on palms of hands. If you do, ensure that you wipe with a damp cloth immediately.

Allow for drying before the client gets dressed and advise she wear loose dark clothing… No jeans and closed shoes!

Advise your client on the 2 phase development process which will take 24 hours.

Caring for your Spray Tan Machine

Remove the solution and pour it back into the bottle – this should be kept at room temperature in a cool place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

See user manual and ensure that all parts to the spray gun are removed and rinsed after use.