Home tan application instructions

Follow our home tan application instructions for the perfect tan!


At THE TAN LAB we know the longevity of your tan is based on thorough skin preparation.  Exfoliation is key to a tan that lasts longer and fades evenly.  Prepare for your home tan application by shaving or waxing and exfoliate using our Micro-Exfoliant   This product has been developed to work in synergy with our range as well as your skin. 


Apply Barrier Cream to dry areas such as ankles, knees and elbows prior to self tan application.   

Ensure you have selected the correct shade and apply your sunless tanning lotion to your body using circular motions until fully absorbed.  Stop self tan application at your wrist and ankle area. Application Option – Application Sponge

Use sparingly on dry areas as the active tanning ingredients will be absorbed quicker and  could over develop on these areas of your body.  

Barrier Cream can be used to blend and slightly dilute tanning lotion around dry areas ensuring you have flawless home tanning application results.

Wash hands thoroughly and apply a little Barrier Cream to your wrists and rub together as this will ensure the tanning ingredients do not over process.

Apply a little Self Tan to the top of one of your hands rub the tops of your hands and fingers over one another until fully absorbed. Barrier Cream can be used for blending.

Once you have completed your home tan application, wear loose clothing and prevent contact with water.  Phase I will develop over a 10 hour period and you may shower thereafter.  Even after showering, Phase II will continue to develop,  The full development of your tan is 24 hours.

Please note: We do not advise using our self tan on your face.


Ensure the first phase of development has been achieved before showering and avoid excessive sweating.

Avoid soaking in hot water and swimming for long periods as this will cause the tan to fade quicker.

After showering, pat skin dry and do not rub.

Prolong the life of your tan by moisturising daily using The Tan Lab Hydration Lotion

Waxing and shaving should be avoided as this will remove the tan.

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