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Salon Spray Tan Solution for Medium Skin


Our SPRAY TAN SOLUTION is lightly tinted for ease of application and perfect for those with a medium to dark skin tone.  With 2 phase development, this solution will deliver the most natural looking tan that lasts longer and fades evenly.  Using the highest quality Eco-Certified ingredients, our products are endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty and are Vegan Friendly.

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This professional Spray Tan Solution is compatible with most HVLP or airbrush spray tanning systems – adjust machine accordingly and test.

These products are SKIN TONE SPECIFIC and it is important to select the correct shade for your client. If you are unsure, we suggest you opt for a lighter shade.  Refer to our page Choose the right product for your skin type

If your client insists on a darker shade, we suggest you advise her against this!  Over spraying or using the incorrect shade could result in an unnatural looking tan that will not fade off evenly.

The correct shade will ensure your Client gets the perfect tan – No orange tones, no streaking, no worries!


Discuss PRE TAN TIPS with your Client prior to spray tan application.  It is important that she has followed skin preparation steps for best results.

Prepare spray tan area before Client arrives and ensure everything needed for the application is available.

Advise Client to exfoliate before spray tan application.

Apply Barrier Cream to dry areas prior to spray tan application.

Select the perfect shade – opt for lighter shade if you or the client feels unsure. Salon Spray Tan Solution for Fair Skin

A patch test is advisable for sensitive skins.

If there is any over spray on areas of the body, lightly pat with a dry sponge.

Allow for drying time and ensure that you client wears loose, dark clothing.

Discuss POST TAN TIPS with your Client to ensure she gets the best results from her spray tan.

Check out our spray tan application video – The Tan Lab – Spray Tan Application Video

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  1. Tracey

    I have used many spray tan solutions and I am super impressed with The Tan Lab!! My clients ask for this product before they book for their spray tan… they will not use another Brand!

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