Preparing for your salon tan


Shave or wax 24 hours before your professional Spray Tan application

Avoid oil based exfoliation products – Exfoliate thoroughly using The Tan Lab Micro-Exfoliant

Avoid wearing moisturiser / body lotion / make-up and perfume or deodorant.

Take loose dark clothing and slops to your appointment


The full two phase development is 24 hours but you are able to shower after 8-10 hours. Even after showering, your tan will continue to develop.

Moisturise daily using The Tan Lab Hydration Lotion and top up with The Tan Lab Gradual Tan to prolong the life of your professional tan.

Avoid soaking in hot water or swimming for prolong periods of time – this will cause your tan to fade quicker

Shaving or waxing will remove your tan – ensure this is done prior to spray tan application

Remember there is no sun protection in our sunless tanning products so please ensure sunblock is used when going into the sun.

What to expect when going for a salon tan

Our Spray Tan Stockists have all been fully trained in the art of spray tanning – you are in good hands!

Every salon is different and have their own unique tanning environment. This could be a shower facility, pop up tent or an open room.

Disposable underwear and cap would normally be provided but some prefer to take their own underwear which they use for spray tanning.

Your Spray Tan Applicator will discuss your skin tone and the depth of tan she suggests (this will depend on your base colour or natural skin tone)  To find a Stockist near you – Stockists

The Tan Lab offers Solutions to suit every skin tone. Often clients are nervous and have heard about, seen or experienced disastrous spray tans. You can be assured that The Tan Lab will deliver predictable results every time!

Barrier Cream will be applied to dry areas such as ankles, knees and elbows.  This will prevent your tan from developing darker on these areas.

The spray tan process takes a few minutes and you will be guided as to where and how to stand and move while the tan therapist and machine do the rest.

The tan will not take long to dry and generally you should expect to be manually dried for a minute or two with a fan or dryer. Soon after, you will be ready to get dressed. Remember to wear loose, dark clothing!

The whole process is about 15 minutes and you will be left with a gorgeous touch of instant colour and a beautiful fragrance while your tan begins to develop.

Our products are all PH balanced and we use the highest quality Eco-Certified ingredients.  The Brand is endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty and is Vegan Friendly.

You can be assured of the most natural looking tan that lasts longer and fades evenly.