Information for the professional

Professional tanning is one of the fastest growing treatments on offer. South Africans are becoming more aware of the damaging effects of the sun and continue to search for the perfect tan. Unfortunately, locally manufactured products are limited and imported brands are expensive.

Market research has shown us that salon owners are looking for professional tanning solutions that are cost effective and profitable without compromising on quality. They are looking for solutions they can be truly confident in.

Proudly South African, The Tan Lab has filled this gap in the tanning market. Our products are competitive and above all, they meet the quality of top end international brands. No expense was spared in the research and development of our products.

Now you can feel confident knowing that you are offering your clients the best tanning solutions available. Product consistency ensures you get the best tan everytime! Plus, we have a retail range available to finish off the perfect salon tan. Your clients will love The Tan Lab products!

The Tan Lab solutions are compatible with any existing HVLP airbrush device. Should you wish to order new tanning equipment kindly click here or contact us for various options available.

Using our salon spray tan solutions

Ensure your device is set on an ultra fine setting. Under-spray rather than over-spray and re-apply if necessary. Application techniques, solution viscosity, speed and distance all play a part in the end result so test the product with your machine and adjust accordingly. Please contact us for samples should you wish to test the solutions.

All professional solutions are suitable for sensitive skins however, should you or your client be unsure about the ingredients it is advisable to do a patch test before the application.

You should get 15 to 20 professional tans out of 1lt of solution.


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