Frequently asked questions

Our frequently asked questions are here to help!  If there is something we have not covered or you need advise,  please contact us!

Our Self Tan lotions (Fair, Medium and Dark) glide onto the skin effortlessly, do not take long to dry and leave the skin feeling silky soft. They are lightly tinted for ease of application.

Ideal for first time users or those with very pale skin, our Gradual Tan allows you to decide the depth of your tan. Apply every night until you reach your desired colour. Easy!

Remember to keep your skin hydrated when using sunless tanning products.  Our Hydration Lotion with light reflecting particles, leaves your skin looking luminous and feeling hydrated.

All our products are infused with Micro-Algae extracts, natural antioxidants which protect your skin, and Eco Certified moisturising ingredients to nourish your skin – all providing a long lasting tan. A light exotic fragrance lingers, making your tanning experience truly indulgent.

Our professional solutions have been formulated to satisfy clients and deliver a truly beautiful tan that looks natural, lasts longer and fades evenly.

How do these products work?

The active ingredients are Dihydroxyacetone or DHA and Erythrulose. This is an additive that darkens the skin by reacting with amino acids on the skin’s surface. It originates from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane or by the fermentation of glycerine. All the ingredients used in The Tan Lab products are safe and legal.

Will I go orange?

We use the best quality pharmaceutical grade DHA and Erythrulose, as well as other advanced ingredients in a high quality base lotion. These ingredients ensure our tanning products are easy to apply, will not streak and will fade naturally. Erythrulose is less drying too, which means your tan will fade evenly. Remember not to go too dark as this may result in an uneven colour that will look unnatural.

Can I have a tan if I am fair?

Yes! Now even the fairest of skins can achieve a great, natural looking tan with our revolutionary tanning ingredients. There is the right colour for every skin tone. You can get that sun kissed look even if you are fair.

 What should I wear after I apply my tan?

Wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops.

How soon can I shower after I apply my tan?

Development time is 8 to 12 hours for the first phase. It’s recommended that you shower after those hours. Once you have showered your tan will continue to develop as the second phase gets to work.

How long will my tan last?

It will last  7 to 10 days if you look after your tan. Try not to scrub your skin too much as this will assist in removing your tan. Try topping up with The Tan Lab’s Gradual Tan to keep an ongoing glow and always pat yourself dry after a shower or bath

Will these products protect me from the sun?

No. You will not be protected from the UV rays and damaging effects of the sun. Please ensure you apply sunblock if you are exposed to the sun.

Will my tan fade?

It will fade naturally, so remember to moisturise with The Tan Lab’s Hydration Lotion for an extended tan. Pool and sea water will fade the tan slightly, so it is suggested that you keeping swimming to a minimum especially in the first 24 hour stage of your tan.

Can I exercise after a tan?

You should avoid any activity that will cause you to sweat because any moisture soon after applying the tan can cause streaking. You should also try to stay out of the rain!

I have vitiligo, will these tanning products change the affected areas of my skin?

Yes. Our products will work on the affected areas. It is important to remember that areas of the skin that are lighter will be tan to a different shade than the unaffected skin areas, therefore they will remain different colours. While both areas do achieve a sunless tan but they will appear ‘two toned’ when finished. It is suggested to speak to a professional who will demonstrate how to apply and blend on lighter areas only.  All in all – there will be less of a difference between the light and darker skin.

I have sensitive skin. Should I be concerned about possible reactions to The Tan Lab products?

We use the highest quality Eco-certified ingredients but should one have sensitive skin, we recommend that a patch test is done.

Will sunless tanning cause additional freckling to already freckled skin?

No, the tanning treatment will not cover up the freckles completely either. What is darker will stay darker and what is lighter stays lighter, however the contrast between the two will be less, giving you a more even skin tone. The Tan Lab Gradual Tan would be a really good place to start for freckled skin.

Will my skin be sticky after a tan?

It is normal for there to be a slight sticky feel immediately following the professional or home application. Remember the active ingredients are derived from sugar which is sticky! We have used the best possible ingredients to ensure sufficient drying time without drying your skin.